Our real and authentic Italian cuisine—

also incorporating a diversity of dishes from across the globe uses the finest ingredients ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to a variety of mouth watering sauces and meats. Each item on our menu is made with a unique blend of both Italian and Canadian ingredients to give you the savory taste you’ve long anticipated. Our menu also includes a large variety of delicious options that promise to entice your every taste bud. Not to mention our fabulous seafood cuisine consisting of naturally sourced fish and shellfish. Our produce, cheese, and meat are also all naturally-raised, organic, and sustainable whenever possible— as they are sourced from local growers.

What makes us unique is that we’ve assembled a wine list from across the globe with a particular focus on small vintners who practice sustainable viticulture— making wine in an economically viable, socially supportive, and ecologically friendly manner. If asked what makes us so special— it would certainly be our focus on encouraging local producers in order to procure the freshest of ingredients. Which in turn, assists us in maintaining and serving the special taste of Jacx! Be sure to check out our wide-ranging old school dishes that make the “Jacx Experience” so special and unforgettable.

ThE Jacx Experience

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